Psychic detective can help you
find missing people, pets, & possessions

Todd Segal is a psychic investigator who works on missing people, missing animal, and all sorts of investigation cases spanning the world.

He has sparked new light and credibility into an industry that was once shaded by skepticism, and he has the track record to prove it! He combines remote viewing and mediumship into his work, and has the uncanny ability to pick up real physical structures and real people, living or passed, into his investigations.

When most cases have run into dead ends, Todd is often sought after by law enforcement and other psychics in his field to work on really hard cases. If you’re with the media, or looking for a public speaker, contact me. I’m one of the only psychics I know who other psychics rely on for hard-to-solve investigations.

"Thank you for helping my Dad with the lost wedding rings. He was so distraught but trying not to show it because he did not want to upset my mother who has dementia. When he realized where he needed to look, he was like a kid at Christmas to find them there. We are very grateful for you, your gift and the good works you do to help others."