About Todd Segal, the “man who finds missing things”

In the year 2001, I was giving a reading to a friend of a customer who stayed at my bed and breakfast that I ran for 15 years. At that time I studied astrology and use to give readings only to good friends for fun. As I was giving her the reading, some other visions came to me and for some reason I felt compelled to tell her some of those things. She lived in Connecticut, not too far from New York City. I told her some things about her boss which came true, and then I saw something awful, not for her but near where she lived. I saw on that tuesday, September 11th, something awful was going to happen. I just told her “don’t go out of your house that day. Something terrible is going to happen!” When 9/11 happened her friend called me in terror and said “are you watching the TV? My friend is frantic after that reading you gave her!” I couldn’t explain it. I knew I always did things like that in the past. I just had a different way of seeing things, predicted outcomes of things, knew when someone negative was in my presence, and even saw ghosts. But I did not know since my childhood this was unusual. I always had some interest in the paranormal but, I didn’t believe in psychics or mediums. I just thought they were after your money and would keep you on the phone as long as they could to charge you more. I think after that day I started to take an interest, or at least in why these things happen to me. I lived a very quiet, tranquil life, in the hills of western Massachusetts, on an old farm. I felt I regularly communicated with the old people on my property. It was a meditation in itself. After my grandmother passed away in 2002, I was a mess trying to go out to her funeral, find a house sitter for my animals, at the same time trying to cope with her sudden passing. It wasn’t until I got back home I was in the bath having this vivid conversation with her. It was like she was with me, responding to each question I asked her. I learned at that point I could communicate with the deceased, and began helping people with passings.

Not too long after 2001, I found a psychic I began to speak regularly with. She was a very down to earth woman who lived in a small mid western town, and wasn’t on a flashy psychic page but from a small newspaper ad. She was not the image of a famous psychic that catered to celebrities. She was straight to me, and understood my gift. So she tested me regularly in our conversations, and something strange happened. I started seeing my visions more clearly and opening up to what was coming in. She was very encouraging to me, and was an important part in how I developed myself. I began to not only see imagery, but I could sense smells and colors and sounds. I could see what was going on in the human body. It was powerful stuff!

After testing my skills on test subjects like friends and people I would come in contact with, I decided to make a business card and do readings. I became pretty good actually, doing parties and private readings, but what was next to come threw me into a different world altogether. After my wife and I were married, she already knew about my skills. I did readings on her family, lots of which were true. She was hesitant about me doing this professionally. She wanted a more normal life and not all the strange people that associate with a psychic, or at least I better be good and not mess up! She is a realist and needs proof. I get a call one day from a woman who was frantic. She told me the police were looking for her son from Springfield, MA, who was missing. I told her, “I have never done this kind of thing before. In fact, I don’t think I can!” She pleaded with me, and said she will give the police my information as I say it. It was actually a big case in that city with tons of media. So, I said “sure, I will start.” It was a very involved case, but rather than go into all the details here, I will say we found him in an area I said. He was murdered and it unfolded into a big criminal case, where I actually targeted the suspects and knew the outcome of the trial. The family was in shambles, but they did not delay in picking up the phone and thanking me from the bottom of their hearts. I actually consulted with them later on in a personal reading. That was my first taste of a criminal investigation, that cleared the path to what I do now. Around the same time, another psychic influence came into my life. A well renown psychic detective who appeared in a TV series and wrote a book. We became friends and I consulted with him regularly. He taught me to be razor sharp, and to tell it like it is, and to be brutally honest, even when information comes through more vague. He was the top of the top, but another psychic who stayed out of the limelight and solved more cases than anyone I knew. I really dove in deep into remote viewing about that time too. That was a term used back in the 1950’s government psychic program used to intercept communist activities. Psychics of a very high caliber were trained to target relevant targets, people, places, objects. It became my focus. I was committed to helping people save lives. If I could make such a difference in peoples lives, I was not going to stop!

I also had another skill I brought into play with my psychic abilities. I worked with animals daily and knew them well. My wife and I had horses and sheep and chickens and ducks. I was a very good equestrian driver, did shows, parades, and we also boarded them. We helped horses and other animals, and got a reputation for helping peoples horses in emotional and physical recovery. Early on, I had a lot of training working with horses, and the man who was my teacher said to me, “I don’t know what kind of magic you are performing but if I ever bought a horse again, I would buy it from you.” He was referring to the way they responded to me. We bonded in trust and communicated on a special level. Something I could not explain in words. My teachers were schooled in old fashioned methods, but I used something they didn’t know about. Little did I realize at that time what I do now, and how many animals I have rescued, even missing horses!

Times were changing, and around 2008 I was working as a carpenter, something I did most of my life, and I felt the need to just become normal again. My daughter, who was four at the time, I felt needed a normal father, and I needed to make more income. I just sort of put my psychic talents aside, or so I thought. The funny thing was, I was very in demand for my expertise with old homes. I often told homeowners certain details about the homes and who lived in them, or “did you see the woman in the kitchen?” Some of my customers got into my ability as a psychic. Some probably thought I was nuts. So time went by and I just wasn’t happy. I didn’t know why, except I didn’t feel what I was doing was my life purpose.

I booked a reading with one of the top psychic/ mediums in the country. She was on TV, and was very expensive. Now I hear she has a year long waiting list to get a reading from. She knew absolutely nothing about me. My family and I were making a trip to California to see my parents and I wanted to know how the trip would go. The first she thing she said to me is “why are you so depressed?” We started to talk for a bit, and then she asked me “Todd, why are you doing carpentry?” I said “well, because that is what I do?” Then she said “well, that is not what you are meant to be doing.” I said what do you mean?” She said, “you know I am taking about, your abilities.” I said, “yes, I have done this work, but I didn’t think I should be doing it.” She said, “Todd, there are maybe six people in the world who I know of, that have extraordinary psychic abilities, not ordinary in any sense, and you are one of them.” I nearly fell off my chair! I am like “well, what should I do? I know I have been depressed.” She said, “you are depressed because you aren’t sharing your ability. If I were you, I would make a Facebook page.”Then I said, “will I have to advertise?” She said, no. People will just come. So, my wife and I made our journey to California, and the whole time I thought about what the woman said. I just put it on the back burner. I didn’t take it serious. Then when we got home I said to my wife ” I think I’m going to make a Facebook page.” She said, “really, you’re doing that stuff again?” I said, “well, I’ll try and see what happens.”

I started getting people to my Facebook page. They seemed to like my humor and totally “regular guy” personality. Then I added a special feature to my page called The First Thursday, where I would answer psychic questions for free the first thursday of every month. Actually, I did it once a week in the beginning but it got too busy. At first I got five or ten people. Then it got busier, and soon people were telling me how good my readings were, and were booking appointments with me. Then my appointments got busier and I was working on investigations again. I also joined some professional psychic websites where I answered by the minute questions from callers, and that took off too. I was also finding missing animals which became a whole new realm for me. Soon, the free reading thursday got over two hundred people asking me questions!!!! I said “sorry folks, it is just too much. I want to help, but this would take me weeks to answer all these questions!”

In summary, I never thought I would be doing this. I get letters from people a year later saying how I changed their lives and it is overwhelming. Like one case where a man out west consulted with me about starting a Montessori School. He put everything financially on the line and followed what I said. He risked losing his house too. A year later he called me and said “you were right about everything. I followed each step of the way and just wanted to thank you. We are now looking at expanding.” Does everything work like that? No. Missing animals, for instance, are sometimes never found for reasons beyond my control. In my experience a lot of them are stolen or kept and people don’t want to report it. I keep working on them anyway and let people know if I come up with something, but in this field I do not like to give false hopes to people unless I have something solid. Most of the time I am in the 90 percentile, which I still think it is worth it to most. When working on missing people cases I have had to see and work on some very gruesome stuff. It isn’t easy, but I have gotten use to it over the years. It can also be hard working with very emotional people as I did one time working on a suicide case in my state where I found the man on the exact road I targeted. Although, I keep working, not for my own sake, but to help people, and not a day goes by that I regret it.


Todd Segal


Todd has been doing readings and investigations since 2001. He has a high accuracy rate and is sought after by some of the best psychics around the world for his extraordinary talents when they need help or advice. His messages are subtle, takes each matter seriously, and his results can be shocking. His track record and testimonials speak for themselves. Here are some areas Todd can provide insight to:


  • Relationships and family
  • Finance and business
  • Health and well being
  • Missing objects
  • Police investigations, missing people, crimes
  • Missing pets, small and large


Todd does consultations by phone, email, in person, groups, private functions, and house walk ins. Please inquire for a price in person. He does not do them at his home but at either your on private function or in person readings. Payment is required before your reading. Once you pay for your reading, Todd will get notification by email. For an emergency such as a missing person, or animal, please contact me via the contact page. Todd does not make refunds. He is happy to reschedule appointments if the time doesn’t work out, please be sure to make any changes at least 3 hours in advance. Please read his policy for readings please see Terms of Use.


Thank you.