Customer Testimonials

On 6/27/14, my beloved cat went missing in Fresno, CA. When I consulted with Todd, he said that Cinder was at or near a single story white home…in a “shaded area” & he heard children playing. He also said he “felt” there was a friend with cancer involved.
On 7/3/14, I received a call from my neighbor who’s suffering with cancer. Her young grand children are there daily. Cinder was found in the back of their garage behind boxes!
Todd was “spot on!” Thank you!!!

Kathleen H.

Todd is an amazing intuitive and not only does this because he feels he can communicate with the animals but for the love of them as well! We met thru a tragic horse disappearance where he devoted his time, efforts and abilities so graciously to a 15 year old girl to try and find her horse! He even drove all the way from Massachusetts just to get a better sense of the area! Shortly after finding the horse he offered readings online and I jumped at the opportunity! Of course being so talented I wanted Todd to shed some light on my own horses and dogs! The insight he have was amazing! He shared that my one horse and I share a special bond together....and has helped me get they some rough times with my avid cribber horse Porscha and my two terror or not so terror pittbulls! Thank you so much for all that you have done! You certainly are super talented and hope to do more readings in the future!


In 2014, I had cosmetic surgery gone wrong and was distraught. I consulted psychic Todd later in the year and he immediately tuned into the situation. He told me one corrective procedure wouldn't be enough, that it would take 3 procedures to fix and would be going on for 2 years. He was completely right; it took 3 small procedures to fix and I was able to mentally prepare myself for that before it happened. There's no way he would have known that without having an incredible gift. I consulted him again in 2015 and he told me many more things about my future, including happiness and relationships. He also said he saw a doctor working with me and helping me, and years from now another corrective procedure on the West Coast, which would make sense, because I just moved to California two months ago. He really gave me peace of mind. He is so accurate; I cannot recommend him enough.

Jen Elizabeth

Thank you Todd Segal Psychic Intuitive for the amazing work you did to get my beautiful girl Hazel home. You came highly referred by Dogs Finding Dogs and it all worked out in the end. It was terrible to spot her in the fields, but you kept getting images that got me closer to her. The very day before she was found, you had me in Quincy where she was later found the next day. Quincy is about 9 miles away from her last sighting. Thanks for keeping my hopes up and thanks for dealing with us frantic dog parents wanting to bring them home. I may never understand how this works, how you were able to tell me about a couch that was inside a building that you couldn’t possibly have known about using google maps. I hope that your abilities continue to help those of us in need. If I ever hear about a missing pet that hasn’t been spotted, I will surely mention your information. Thanks again Todd, you made a believer out of me.

Marco Antonio

I started consulting with Todd over a year ago and his insights have proven invaluable to me. He has never failed to provide me with good advice, insight and direction. One of the most significant experiences I had with Todd was when he had indicated I would take a new job and move. Nothing in my situation indicated I would be doing that.
Todd went on to describe in great detail,the home I would move to, the road, the locale, the trees, (specific types in the area and on the property) very specific details about the property, details about the city name and prominent and distinctive landmarks surrounding the home. 8 months later I took a new job (surprise) and began my search for a new home in a new area. Making this even more remarkable was that relocating was proving difficult and my extensive search for my new home made it very unlikely that a home as described would be possible. As such, nothing like it was on my search criteria. However, the home came unexpectedly, with the very specific, unique and unusual details Todd described.
Todd mentioned citrus and orchards as what he was seeing. I was moving to an area with many small communities/cities. All had very different names. Surprisingly, the name of the very small city where I found a perfect home had both of those in its name. My new home had many trees on the property of all types including some very old orange trees. I happened to be chatting with a neighbor about these coincidences and the reading and he said “you know, our homes are sitting on what was once a huge orange orchard about a hundred years ago…” Additionally all the surrounding streets are named after different types of trees. I didn’t pick this home because of what he told me, it wasn’t even on my radar. It was a very lucky find that just came. Some of the things he described have continued to reveal themselves over time. Todd is very gifted and I will often contact him when faced with challenges for his unique insight and perspective. He is thoughtful, patient, humble and kind and I highly recommend him.

C. Martin

I met Todd by chance on the net and I have had the chance to test his abilities many times so I promise that you won´t be disappointed if you purchase a reading. He isn´t like most of the readers that just focus on the question and give answers. He tries to give you a very detailed view about your personality and also how you feel at the moment. Todd is very warm as well. You can feel he is very interested in giving genuine help. I´ve consulted him many times and I am speechless of his accuracy. He just ask for my DOB and my name and that´s all. No details. no pictures and the result is tremendous! Todd predicted I would find a job in a school and now I work as a teacher. He gave me specific targets as directions, west, etc. He predicted that I would find a roomie who also would be an animal lover like me and I found a girl who had a dog and loved animals. I´m in a very difficult situation right now and Todd has described in detail the personality of my parents and that my father is spying me. I never told him about that but he is very passionate doing his job and warning his clients in every situation is something he gets seriously. It´s not easy to read someone like me because I am a very annoying person who makes a lot of questions and has a lot of insecurities but Todd has broken all my personal issues, and he has walked though showing me that his gift is real and that he is very compassionate and really interested in offer guidance. That makes a very big difference because I know that he doesn´t want just to take my money . I can feel he sees I am a human being. Even if that wasn´t part of the reading, he has encouraged me to increase my self-esteem. He knows I allow people to take advantage of me and He is always saying that I´m worth. So, it speaks a lot of how much he takes care of his clients. I´m very grateful I found him.

Claudia PinonMexico City, Mexico

I’ve had several readings from Todd. His generous and honest approach means I’ll be having several more because, and this is Todd’s forte, he is so sharp and accurate. From helping me see the way out of financial issues, to when and where I’d be moving house, to clear and reassuring guidance about my creative and career endeavors. He has helped me to persevere when I thought about giving up and his sense of humor keeps me looking at the bright side of life. He is a gift to his profession.

Tim Bennettrenowned author of the book “Awaken.”

He is spot on with details and in depth clues.Pay attention to every single word. Once I had time to process my reading,I knew why he mentioned little things that added up to what the future held.He told me that Dad was in Mexico, he was.He told me right down to the eye color about the guy who would return my stolen item.He tells it like he sees it, good or bad I wanted the truth, honesty, and real details,Todd provided exactly that.He even knew about the daughter and her problems.Very detailed!

Kimberly Bauer

I have had several readings with Todd and he has blown me away with his accuracy and insight each time. He has correctly described my circumstances and the people in my life, and has also given me great insight into my future. I highly recommend Todd if you are looking for an accurate psychic/medium who is straight to the point. Todd also has a brilliant connection with spirit and has passed on some invaluable and heartwarming messages from my loved ones. I will definitely book with Todd again!

Brooke Orchardrenowned psychic/ medium from Queensland, Australia

I have been to many, many psychics over the years…generally been disappointed. BUT NOT WITH TODD!!!!!! He is TRULY ASTOUNDING!!!!! Such detail…absolutely mind blowing! And one of the nicest persons I have ever met…caring, honest. But his accuracy will just have you sitting there with your mouth hanging open! He has a true gift!!! And he loves animals…bonus!!!!

Deborah Long

I wasn’t a true believer, but Todd changed that. I rehomed an adult dog and that night, the dog ran from the new owners. She was 3.5hrs away, in an area unfamiliar to her and myself. With the clues given, I kept missing her, but she had been there. After 4hrs of searching, his final but original clue is where she was found. Reuniting with my dog after 17hrs on the run, was the most amazing feeling ever. She came back home where she really belonged. I couldn’t thank Todd enough for all his help.

On Wedneday, September 7th I found out my friend’s dog, Adelaide, was hit in front of his apartment on a very busy street. As the car brakes she mimicked and braced herself to the ground after being tapped by the front bumper. Within seconds she disappeared. With only one sighting taking place moments after her running from the scene. After searching for several hours into the night with no sign of her, my mom reached out to Todd, asking one heartbreaking question, that we weren’t even sure we wanted the answer to, “Is she alive?”
The next morning we got the greatest confirmation. Yes, she was alive, but with a front left paw/leg injury. She was hiding and not on the run and likely to be found in thick brush or bushes. After 24 hours of searching, her owner started to feel like she was picked up by someone, but based on Todd’s feelings and clues I insisted we keep searching. She was out there and we would find her. Another 24 hours went by, with her owner having to return to work and growing discouraged, having put up over 60 flyers, over 100 Facebook shares, making countless calls and still there being not a single trace of her. Todd continued to insist she was out there in hiding, and was sensing little to no movement, due to an inability to move well. His last clues referenced the train tracks, a bridge, and that she would be hiding in brush and we had to really get in there and look. Everyone still chimed someone had to have picked her up or worse, but because of Todd’s feelings we continued to search and I continued to get her owner out there to search.
Saturday afternoon, after regrouping to search, a few of us started on the Southside of the tracks behind buildings that line the tracks with woods and bushes while her owner started on the Northside walking the tracks . Within 15 minutes of getting out there I received the most amazing phone call from her owner! “I FOUND HER!” As he moved over the overpass bridge on the Northside of the tracks that cross over the street, he found her in the bushes. He walked by calling her name and heard movement and she slowly made her way out to him. We made her way over to them and sure enough upon assessing her, her paw pads were all raw and torn off and her left front paw was the absolute worst causing her to apply as little as pressure as possible just barely mobile. From there she went to straight to the Emergency Vet, and was assessed, X-Rays and bloodwork ran, proving how miraculous this all to be. She was basically unscathed aside from her paws, full, and showed little to no signs of dehydration, as earlier in the search he sensed her in a brook as well as a wooded area that houses a feral cat colony. There is brook parallel to the tracks 1 block away that spanned the entire search area.
Because of Todd’s insistence that she was indeed alive, barely mobile, and out there in hiding we continued to search and not give up on her, resulting in the happiest of tails! Thanks Todd! You are truly amazing and a wonderful and kind soul...

Morgan Webb

The first time I worked with Todd was July 2016. I came to know of Todd because I was searching for insight into this “obsessive hold” I felt someone had over me. In truth, the only power this person really held was my fear that I’d never get to the bottom of the dynamic between us – and this person seemed to hold all the cards with narcissistic cruelty. I’d gone to some dark places emotionally during this time. Desperate for reprieve, yet fearful of yet another unsatisfying answer, I took a leap of faith and contacted Todd. Of all the individuals I’ve encountered who are tapped into their intuitive and/or psychic gifts, Todd seemed the most unassuming. This is why I felt I would be able to trust him and that if he couldn’t provide answers, then it simply wasn’t meant for me to ever have them. And, wow, did Todd deliver. Todd provided insights that cut to the quick of the situation and helped liberate me from what I felt was an obsessive hold. It isn’t that he told me what I wanted to hear, it’s that he provided details no one else could (or would). And everything he predicted regarding this other person’s pain, motives, and how this person would relate to me within specific time frames have all come to pass. With my mind alleviated and the burden lifted, I’ve finally been able to turn my eye inward on a deeper path of introspection independent on the other person – but I feel I’d never have been able to get myself back to that place without Todd’s assistance. And for that, I will be forever grateful.
~Mark Rhodes - Las Vegas, NV, May, 7, 2017

Mark Rhodes


Todd, you have provided my family, friends, and me, with invaluable information over several sessions. You have an amazing gift, and thank you for using it to help us that are blind to the world. Your name comes up often, and we wonder what you would say about certain things. We also laugh when something you say was going to happen, actually happens.
Thanks for helping us during our times of need while our pet was lost, medical emergencies, while we wondered where live was taking us, and while you gave us piece of mind during these latest storms. Your ability to guide us and give us your perspectives about what is going on, helps put the puzzle together. You helped us feel comfort about our families in the eye of the storm, and I will always remember when my dog was lost, you could see a couch inside of a building that she may have been laying on. I started optimistic, but you seeing a couch inside of a closed building, hundreds of miles away from you, and no google maps imagery available, quickly made me a believer when I saw it firsthand. You tried to give me hope during the six day search, but you knew it would end well, and I didn't believe it until she was in my arms. Thanks for your time and all that you do. You will see my name on your schedule in the future, for sure.

Marco M.

Marco M.